Our Story



Southern Saddlebred started out as an Auction in 2012.  Scarlett Mattson had the brilliant idea of adding a show along with the sale, and so we did.  The auction didn't take off, but the shows have grown into two of the strongest shows for Saddlebreds, Hackneys and Roadsters in the Southeast.   

For Horse Trainers, By Horse Trainers

As horse trainers, we've been regular supporters of horse shows for over 30 years.  We decided from the beginning, if we were going to host horse shows, we were going to be sure that they were FUN and FRIENDLY.  Starting with the way we communicate with trainers prior to the show, to the way you are treated from the time you arrive until the last class on Saturday night, our goal is to make your week with us as easy and pleasant as possible.   Our hospitality is second to none starting with a Welcome Luncheon, breakfast daily, beer and wine nightly, and a fun Exhibitor Party with live Nashville entertainment on Friday night.  Last but not least - the REAL reason everyone comes to the Fall Finale - the cookout on Saturday.  Come see what it's all about - we won't disappoint you!